Spend The Night (Prod. By J​-​Wiz)

by Art of mV

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LOTUStrology coming in January!
- Just a track for the couples :)


love is a question
and I'm asking you why
you do
to me
I don't know what I've been thinking
I've been playing but lately I been thinking bout you
girl what you wanna do?
take a flick make a movie we could make it happen boo
no drugs no sex just love in my room
and we cuddle on my pillows watch a movie or 2
your never boring just so fun I'll spend my life with you
so what it do?
stop playing these games girl what it do
trynna spend my nightlife with you
diamond rings champagne smells the room
said you gotta dark side I'm like hmm
said you been stressed smoking weed girl I Do Too
so lemme put it like this
see i been trapping my whole life and it just brought me to this
saying i need a settle down because my minds in the mist
i need a girly old lady to revive me from this
are you my miss-tress?
yes I'll treat you like a lady eat you endless
now I'm thinking in the dark no aggression,
sexual thoughts dripping from her necklace
its past midnight and I'm looking for my address
kinda drunk I've been drinking in the past tense
your like a drug but its the best experience yes
I'm trynna think but your killing my eyes with ya chest
none of the less
i ain't trynna flex
some of my fans will tell these lyrics are weak well
I'm trynna pin a point I've been stressed yes
i met a woman in my dreams had the best sex
I'm trynna make it to reality no sweat no sweat

one two three four
trynna break these riddles cause I'm feining for more
i'm trynna break these endless spells cause them witches
want more,
said I'm a flirt but girl oh well you could take me for more

trynna take my time baby girl just wait
see theirs a lot on my mind but i know you hate
whenever i speak to women i know I'm breaking your spirits
shattered ya heart but love is in the building
you question your emotions but it's still so appealing
your open to the world but i never get that feeling
that i am the one for you i think its building
open relationships
now that's a feeling
you do much for me as I'll do unto you
said you feel sexually whenever i am with you
so let's do this, were young so we are influenced
by older people and other websites I'm clueless
lets take it step by step, one day after high school
see you up in college then we'll do whatever you want to
in-spite all the facts that i like you
like is word but i can never really love you
you got a evil side i can see it in your eyes
you'll shatter my heart in seconds with one word why
why would i think that, i bet you never felt that
with looks that good, guys will come with big stacks
you loving all that money and i do understand that
but loyalty has meaning these brothers don't understand that.


released December 7, 2014
Cover Art by Łauren Thømas ™



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