Living Gods (Prod. By Mad Money)

by Max The Great & MB Stylez

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Featuring my boy MB Stylez
- Mixtape collab dropping soon!
Credits to Mad Money for the awesome beat!


{King mVx}
Uh, I let my mind open
psychedelic no we not free throwing
you boast in post ups no bowling
cross over boulders no broly
Super Saiyan like falling thru a membrane
insane psychedelic drugs in my membrane
insane rolling thru ya city causing mayhem
living gods royalty exposed to the evil eye
no shit i live my life
no coastal kites
no we don't bite
but apex is life
97 till infinity
we got some possibilities to get into a higher mean
arithmetic's logistic shit
x2 x1 super power shit
my triple eye like James bond
that double o seven get you claimed higher
than flaming kites
I arise with knights
like a barb king brotha always roll with knights
but I'm never alone kick you up a flight
cause I'm a living king rolling in apostles light

that goddess flow, rolling with a chick named indigo
she be spitting flows, that's gold in a dark room
big zooms flying outer space with a big boom
light room like some max essentials in a big room
auto bots with some Tonka trucks make the room shook

make the room shook

slow it down for my peoples in the dark days
great depression slowly passing like a black wave
dark waves slowly smashed on the pavement
my insititions in the body cause in pigments
skin pigmentations like henna in Ya veins though
deep throat she be roaring like a pimp though
playas ball but I'm not a playa just a crow though
bad luck, karma suit Ya better when the week slow

life is a beauty of all things
going back and forth, that's hard swings
crying last night cause my heart bleeds
in the same position no Spalding's

momma always did her best for me
all silver, but no cutlery
i have the sight of a bird eye down to see
got some sticky, tryna pass the weed
no seeds, backwoods just casually
put my heart and soul, if you trynna see
I'm in the back saying god please don't pass me
I'm sitting in the slums waiting patiently

exposed to the life of a king view
tatted up, cash flow with another bean to
going to hard for the green, auto bots zoom
getting that cake for the higher pay times to

{King mVx}
slow it down uh
slow it down uh
trill shit
always getting to the skrillex
so much freaking bread we got some loafers in the building
trippy vibes triple eye mind in the villains
vigilante flows its like a hero fuck the villain

if you contemplated thoughts without the horoscoping
I could trip you down real quick
watch me as i ride on the potion
yea, man she ride in the open
drugged up but her mind in the ocean



released May 16, 2014
Prod. By Mad Money



all rights reserved


Art of mV New Jersey

da art of max

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